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How To Play:

In each slot machine, you will be betting on how many consecutive symbols will appear in a payline. There are 20 paylines that you can bet on, which can be seen by hovering your mouse over the numbers on both sides of the slot wheels. You can adjust how many paylines you are betting on in the lower left corner of the screen. Directly below that is how many chips you are betting on each payline. The total number of paylines you are betting on is multiplied by your bet on each payline to get your total bet.

Once you are satisfied with your bet, click on Spin to start the slots. To set your bid to the maximum number you can bet, click on Max Bet and the game will do so automatically. Click on Auto Spin to have the game spin 5, 10, 50 or 100 times in a row for you. You can always cancel the Auto Spin sequence by clicking the X in the box above the Auto Spin button that displays the amount of remaining spins. You can also click on the Stop button to stop the reels spinning manually; pressing the spacebar has the same effect.

If you have enough of the same symbol in a payline that you have a bet on, you win a certain amount of chips based on the symbol. For a full list of how much each symbol is worth, click on Paytable in the lower right corner. The 4 Low Value symbols (A,K,Q, J) are the same for each slot machine, and you need 3+ in a line for a payout. The 4 High Value symbols are unique to each slot machine, based on the Pricing game they are taken from. 

You will need 2+ symbols in a row for two of the symbols and 3+ in a row for the other two. All symbols pay from left to right on active paylines, and only the highest value on a line is redeemed. Multiple winnings across different paylines are added up, any bonus earnings are added, and all earnings are multiplied by the bet amount.